This Moxie Project was a group project, and it was also a task assigned by 3 Moxie stakeholders.


What are the user's concerns?

- Currently, users feel a level of frustration when interacting with their phone carrier’s via automated customer service portals​.

- How can we eliminate user dissatisfaction through using more intuitive and helpful chatbots?

​- The carrier-user interaction should be a joyful rather than a spiteful experience.


Think Future. Think Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, the mediums that users have to interact with their phone carrier's customer service portal is via:

Since our project's stakeholders were innovative leaders from Moxie, a modern marketing and creative agency, the approach they provided our team with was to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make the customer service experience more joyful.


But what is Artificial Intelligence?

- Machine learning that mimics human cognition


- Able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence

- Method of taking in the surrounding environment and reacting in human-like behaviors



What do the customers have to say?

Why do users contact their carrier's customer service?

How many users have used Live Chat?

Some things the users have to say about Live Chat:

Competitive Research: What A.I. is already out there?





Google Deepmind

Amazon Echo

Think beyond the screen, but thinking for all users.

Artificial Intelligence is a fairly recent concept in the world we live in today. Today, we have A.I. Chatbots such as Siri and Amazon Echo. Our project focus was to look to the future and design an A.I. Chatbot that would be fit for a user 5-10 years from now who needs the assistance of customer service.

However, even in the future, there are early adopters as well as late adopters. Therefore, we decided to design two experiences: Conventional and a "Beyond the Screen" experience. Each has an A.I. component in it, but the Conventional A.I. Chatbot is experienced using a phone screen, and the "Beyond the Screen" A.I. Chatbot is not restricted by the any specific device or interface. For the purpose of showing the Moxie project on my portfolio. I will expand on the Conventional A.I. Chatbot Experience.

Here are the two users we designed for:

Conventional User- Late Adopter

Beyond the Screen User- Early Adopter



Below are the sketches my team and I created to visualize how each experience would look.





Along with converting our futuristic sketches into a reality, we also created our A.I. Chatbot persona. From our survey results, we learned that our users preferred talking to a real person in the Live Chat arena instead of to an automated system. We took this feedback and embarked on creating a more sophisticated A.I. Chatbot that could relate more to our users.

Creation of our A.I. Chatbot- Veritas

Since our chatbot, Veritas was going to be our users' A.I. driven customer service agent, it was important to get the users' feedbacks as to how they wanted her to look. That is why we took a poll.

Let's meet Veritas!

Please click on the video to hear Veritas

Conventional A.I. Chatbot Experience

For our conventional user, Lauren, her happy path involves adding her spouse to her phone plan. Veritas is approaching the user in this case based off a social media tip that Veritas is aware of. The user is interacting with Veritas via text, voice and visual capabilities.


- The user has already programmed Veritas so that she can be prompted by certain statuses that are posted on social media handles.

- Lauren has posted that she is married on Facebook

- Lauren is using an iPhone.

Please click on the video to view how the first part of the Conventional A.I. Experience.

These are the wireframes for the second part of the Conventional A.I. Experience, where Lauren completes her happy path.

Beyond the Screen A.I. Chatbot Experience

For our early adopter user, Max, his happy path involves getting international roaming added to his existent plan once he checks in to his flight to Paris. This interaction is happening in front of the user's eyes. The mode of how this process is experienced can vary from any futuristic manner such as retina recognition to having VR glasses on such as the Hololens. The user is interacting with Veritas via voice and visual capabilities.


- The user has already programmed Veritas so that she can be prompted when the user completes a specific kind of action on an external site. In this case, it is the Delta site.

- Max is having this A.I. Experience without using a physical screen.

Please click on the video to play the "Beyond the Screen" A.I. Experience







During the three week of this capstone project, I had the great opportunity to be elected the Project Manager. As Project Manager, I learned a lot about the process of working with different people, making all ideas heard and appreciated, and also organizing a roadmap in which the deliverables were on schedule. As a UX designer and PM on the Moxie project, I enjoyed learning and applying many skills and tools that I learned during the UXDI course.



Skills and tools I learned and applied during the course of the project:


- Project Management

- Film Direction

- Sketching

- Presentation Creation

- Public Speaking


- Sketch App

- Axure

- iMovie

- Google Form

- Keynote

- Explore futuristic interfaces to experience A.I. customer service


- Add accessibility component to the A.I. Experience


- Expand emotional awareness capabilities


- A.I. Chatbot personalization