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Nancy's Chicago Pizza

Pizza lovers everywhere! Chi-town has arrived in Atlanta. If you are a pizza lover like I am, and you enjoy classic Chicago deep-dish style pizza, then Nancy's is the place for you!

I saw this place as I was driving towards Ponce City Market, and I got so excited when I saw their sign! Ever since I visited Chicago and has Lou Malnati's deep-dish style pizza, I have been wanting to go back for more! But now that I know that Nancy's is right here in Atlanta, this will be my new place whenever I want deep-dish, and it could be yours too!

NOTE: If you are going for deep-dish pizza to Nancy's, make sure you don't go completely starving and expect to be served as soon as you order. Deep-dish pizzas take about 30 minutes to cook, so expect to wait a bit for your pizza awesomeness to be served!

Pictures below!

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