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Sufi's Kitchen

This past weekend, my friend and I went to eat a late lunch in downtown Atlanta at a place called Sufi's. Sufi's can be a great place for lunch or dinner, but I would suggest dinner, since it may be a bit too heavy for lunch, especially on a working day. It's a high-end mediterranean restaurant with amazing food and a great mediterranean ambience. If you are debating which meat to go with and can't decide, I would suggest getting the Combination Platter. It comes for $27 and has lamb, beef, and chicken accompanied by tasty saffron rice and grilled peppers and onions. The meat is so lean that it almost melts in your mouth once you bite into it. If you like spicy food, I would suggest ordering some chipotle and chili paste sauce on the side to give your dish some flavor. If you are not much of a spicy food fan, they also have a yogurt and onion mix that we usually call "raita" that can ease the spice and can also be a good palate cleanser. The combo platter is big enough to share among 2 people, so it can be great for date night!

Before you get your main meal though, they serve complimentary garlic and herb bread with a salad plate that has walnuts, feta cheese, butter, radishes, and mint leaves, ant it was absolutely delicious. We liked the bread so much that we asked for some to-go.

Check out the place and pictures of what we ordered below!

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