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One Eared Stag

This past weekend, my cousin I went out for brunch. Instead of going to the typical places (IHop, WaHo, Flying Biscuit, etc), we decided to try something new! As a result, we visited the One Eared Stag!

The One Eared Stag restaurant can be considered a "hole-in-the-wall" type of place that has great options and really yummy food!

Since we were in the mood of having a mix of breakfast and lunch (hence, brunch), we decided to go with their "secret" (because it is not on the menu) dish, which is called "The Chef's Breakfast." Whatever is served on this tray is completely up to the chef, so they don't always put the same things on the tray.

Check out the picture slideshow below to see how the place looks, what the menu is, and what we ordered!

Note: If you have dietary restrictions, tell them in advance if you order the Chef's Breakfast. They seem pretty good about keeping all that in mind.

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